• Welcome to Trice's Lake

    The purpose of this site is to give the residents of Lakeside Villages at Trice's Lake centralized access to community information such as news, upcoming events, and community documents. In addition, this site provides a means to get answers to your community-related questions. If you are looking for the member's only site, please click here.

    Where is Trice's Lake?

    Trice's Lake is located in Columbia, Virginia. With a community of over [insert number] homes, Trice's Lake provides each resident with a tranquil, relaxing environment. Whether you are seeking a fishing adventure or simply looking to take in the stars on a perfect summer night, make Trice's Lake your refuge. Find us on Google maps!

  • What's New at Trice's Lake?

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    New Mailbox Rules

    We have new by-laws

    The United States Postal Service, Columbia, establishes postal routes and determines the proper location of residents' mailboxes to assure a standard appearance. All mailboxes must be their original black color and no other colors or decoration are permitted.  The mailbox stands are constructed to provide space for newspapers and other deliveries below the mailbox.  Members are asked to remove mail promptly and keep the box free from waste to enable prompt mail delivery.